Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter walking in the woods

When the temperature changes drastically, say like down to minus 15 degrees celcius over night funky things happen in the puddles, even the already ice covered ones.

One such fine day, when it was no longer -15 but a little closer to 0 at a later  point in the day Freia and I made a walk through the woods on our favorite paths.

Even though we walk there almost every day there are still never ending adventures to be found and enjoyed.  Ice crystals on small branches, glittering like diamonds in the sun for one, made me smile and look around even more attentively.

And Freia as always not really enjoying what I was doing = using the camera to see the world - her biggest wish is for me to be right there with her, not running after her, just having my feelers out to know where she is and pay attention. This admittedly I don't do very well, when the camera is in my hand, there are too many opportunities to click - mind you, I have taken the sound off - the blessing of modern cameras, there is a sound to let you know you are in focus - which is great, but not if you don't want to be noticed, then it is a darn nuisance - was I ever happy the day I found the off switch for that magnificent option.

I love the bright colours of the mosses and lichens in the winter. There is so much brown, dark grey close to black, very muted colours and so, when the white frozen water crystals cover the world and the greens perk up, wow, it makes my eyes crinkle with joy to feel the energy rush entering my inner magic colouring box.

My favorite tree stump, it isn't big and magnificent, it is just perhaps 8cm in diameter and covered in the most magnificent fungi - truly fabulous. They seem to change colour with the humidity, the temperature and of course the light of the day. Sometimes sitting dull and withdrawn and other times when one takes a closeup the colours of purple, orange, brown, grey and white are in the midst of the most lively and beautiful dance.

A fallen tree still bearing fruits. and this little dude is about three centimeters long and on closer inspection it was definitely not just a uniform brown there were dots, speckles and freckles in there too. All nicely illuminated by the afternoon sun.
And then there is ice safety - in this case the 'pond' was safe, even though the ice had broken, it was about 5 centimeters thick, and all the water at the bottom of what is a most voluptuous puddle after good rains  had evaporated. Leaving the ice thick and solid, firmly planted on the ground, and quite immovable.

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