Monday, March 19, 2012

Extra cold and feeling prickly!

And this is really rather funny!
The fact that last week after a -13 celcius night the world's surfaces looked like this

Today it is more like +10-15 celcius outside, hardly a trace of ice or snow left - well - except on protected, shadowy north facing spots.

The day I took these photos, I had to be quick. My fingers froze for there was a slight wind, and my fingertips got numb sooner rather than later.

It was intriguing to see how the water crystals had been forced up and out of the fence post surfaces - when I got inside and the photos were on the confuser I could see how each little section resembles the leaf of a fern - isn't that curious now.
Then there are these prickly burdock seed heads. On that day they were all looking prickly and ready for debate on their stalks in the little fenced in area next to the hen-house.
A few days later there were considerably fewer burrs on the stalks for......the snow was melting and the lambs were bouncing .....right over the fence (which admittedly isn't overly high) and so now, there are lambs with burdock in their short fleeces. Every now and again, my arm catches a little bouncer and works on getting a bunch of prickly irritants out of their otherwise promising fleeces.

How to pretend to be a barbed wire fence - wait for a really cold day and it will work easily and perfectly!

And the last one, a wild cucumber seed pod or what is left of it on its vine - it is just hanging  there, the seeds gone since fall - an empty pod, at this moment decorated crystal like, later turning into a perfect delicate lace structure, no longer spiky, but amazingly pleasing and delightful to rest your eyes upon.

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