Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Community Project at a local school for the Wolfville Farmers' Market #4

The last day of the exploratory was about to begin, We had the classroom set up again for swift commencement of the final movements - ha, the final pokes - so the felted pieces for the sound bafflers could be done and ready for assembly.
I had managed to asssemble two of the sets of three  from the kids who did the first exploratory and I brought the pieces along to give everyone an idea of the magnificence of their work over the last many weeks. 

 We live in a very artisticly vibrant community. Both when it comes to ear as well as eye candy there are always people willing to share their joy and passion for life with others.
Ariana and Andy are passionate about their music and the words they add to the music, or perhaps it is the other way around. What I do know is, that when I asked Ariana one day at the Wolfville Farmers' Market (she was busy setting up that day's musical entertainment for the Saturday market morning 'feast') if she and Andy would be able to come and surprise the hard working kids in the exploratory just for a few minutes on their last day - well, the answer was yes.

Andy and Ariana came in with their instruments, (we were all hard at work at this point) found a space wide enough for a guitar and a saxophone to spread joyous reverberation and then ... they played three songs, just like that =-) Ok, don't ask me which ones, for I didn't write it down, but I know that one of the songs was their famous Wolfville Farmers' Market song and another one was in French, Le Chef est Mort - a piece of poetry written by Sophie Berube who also lives in this area. The French part of this was perfect in that ....

...our two Katimavik volunteers, Alexandre and Alexandra are from Quebec, a good homage to their heritage. It has been lovely to have the two of them come down from Ross Creek Centre for the Arts (where they are still volunteering for a while) to be helping hands during this project at the middle school and fabulous that Lindsay Ann Cory who is in charge of programming and out reach for both professional artists, local schools and communities at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts also had the time to come and join us for these hours of creative exploration and focused endeavour.

Last Thursday I spent the whole day with the tools of the trade depicted on the photo stretching the felted pieces on their wooden frames.

And in the evening on that long day full of staples I took the pieces to our excellent carpenter  and 'woodsman' John Lynch and  this is what they look like when they are put together and ready to be hung at the Wolfville Farmers' Market, useful soundbafflers that they are in all their creative colour and beauty. 

Photo by John Lynch

I am a little out of sorts, it is Wednesday tomorrow and ... there will be no exploratory, ah, well, not with these particular delightful kids anyways - perhaps we will have the good fortune of spending some time with each other again some other time. I would enjoy that.

Thank you to all of you who have been involved, it has been fun and exciting to be on this exploratory journey with you - when communities and groups work together this seamlessly it surely rocks!

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