Friday, September 21, 2012

Lima, the beginning of a traveling fibre adventure.

I am in South America, in Peru - at the present in Cusco but a few days ago I was wondering around in the capital Lima with my friend Anna, who is part of the very beginning and the very end of this magnificent 10 week adventure. It is thanks to Anna and her husband who grew up in Peru and their encouragement to go and visit the highlands and experience the highland culture that I am here - a culture which includes ....of course weaving, lots of fibre, lots of hardship, lots of beauty, lots of colours, music, lots of ancient culture which is the foundation for what is lived and seen today.
Police on horseback by the presidential palace in Lima
Lima is a big city - 10 million people live there and they seem to be on the move at all hours of the day at night - lots of cars, busses and minivans and drivers of mentioned vehicles mysteriously communicating with their horns both loudly and often - I did step out in front of a car shocking Anna quite severely and later in a conversation with her brother in law I was reminded that the drivers have no concern for anyone but themselves, and so my job is to look after myself as well as they look after their own interests. Theirs being getting from A to B as fast as possible and mine being getting from one side of the street to the other in one piece and still breathing. I am more patient at street corners these days!

interesting cupola on a building near the river down town

We caught the bus on Wednesday morning to go see what was up in downtown Lima. It was the new busline running along the highway all the way to downtown, one bus there, one bus back. On the way there we were pressed like canned sardines, well, almost, and people kept getting on and off, we hung in our straps and at times tried to also catch a pole to hold on to. It was a grand balance and core workout! On the way home by luck we caught the bus one stop before everyone else wanted to get on and that meant that we had seats all the way home - and for me I  could focus on the view along the road, the place where Scotian Bank had a flower arrangement which spelled out their name and other interesting commercial points.

Balconies falling apart, hoping to get restored before it is too late.
We walked about, ended up on a plaza where the beginnings of a teachers' protest march was lining up - along the buildings were already lots of riot police in heavy gear, needless to say we didn't linger for too long but kept walking in the opposite direction, watching houses and people and unfolding.
Building a tunnel under the river which runs to the right of the photo.

from the bridge over the river, the balconies from afar

Military truck with hidden gun, there seemed to be some official opening of part of the tunnel going on.

And last in this strip of photos we stopped again back at the presidential palace and watched the changing of the guards. It was not a long drawn out affair, and we watched it from afar. There is a great fence around the courtyard where the spectacle took place. The tourists were also kept at a distance from the fence by a row of soldiers. The nice part of that experience was that a young soldier down our way was not exactly going by the book. He was smiling and laughing with a little boy and as they were all about to go a few tourists rushed in and had photos taken with him smiling. In the end he waved his hand and said no more.


  1. Pia, this is such an exciting trip! I am looking forward to following your marvellous adventures. Bon voyage! Hugs xoxox

  2. Merci mille fois - it is hard to believe that it is already underway - but it is and ....each day is a new wonder. hugs back to you =-)