Friday, September 21, 2012

Lima - finding a special place to eat

And when you walk a lot you work up an appetite, eventually your body reminds you it is time for lunch, now, not in three hours. Then our legs took us up and down some back streets in search of a nunnery. The nuns run a restaurant in a big old house - it is a french church order and I think they live upstairs - the restaurant took up the whole downstairs - we got there just as they opened and then ..... as we sat and enjoyed our meal people kept trickling in - most seemed to be regulars that were greeted by name and question of 'how are you' etc. The ceilings were wonderfully high, showing the intricately carved pieces of old lumber. Whilst chewing there was ample opportunity to feast the eye on all sorts of interesting points.

I had roasted chicken and a special little yellow potato which is called llochu (I am not sure of the spelling) it was grated very coarsely and steamed - it is one of my goals to try as many different potatoes now that I am in a true potato country. Anna enjoyed a wonderfully tasty piece of fish with a little vegetables and rice. For drinks we had lemonade, which was wonderfully unsweet and not sour at all if that makes sense. Perhaps there was not only lemon but also lime in there, and it was delicious.
For dessert there was a coconut cake and to finish it all up a wonderful espresso!
Fuel to make it back to the busstop.

On the way out the big high and wide hallway I admired the floor once again, big shiny pieces of shiny black rock of some sort and then 'panels/patterns' with pepplelike stones of the same kind. I wonder if they have waxed it all to make it so shiny and this is what we can see on top of the little pepples, the worn off wax or if it is the outer layer of the pepples that is wearing off by all the hungry and then very full feet which pass over them  coming and going every day.

Across the road a beautiful house was being restored as was the street in front of it so we couldn't get close. This door-hammer was hanging way up high, on a most incredibly large door - too high for a 'normal' person to reach - so we decided that possibly this door-hammer was meant for conquistadores high on their horses coming to visit the lovely ladies in the family.

And here is the family shield of the family, have no idea who they were but .... it was fun to exercise the imagination!

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