Friday, September 21, 2012

Lima - Museum a manos

After the busses, the nuns and the walking we moved at an incredible speed to make it to our appointment at this museum. We had not all the directions, but some .... and so we did get slightly lost but a policeman walking in the street called his office, someone looked up the whereabouts of the place we wanted to go and then off we trotted again. We were able to join the group just as they were finishing up in the pottery department and going into the textiles. None of these were big rooms so walking space was scarce but people still managed.

The tour was given in Spanish and so my ears were glowing red after just a few moments. There were lots of ancient pieces of weaving in here, pre-columbian weaving, Inca weaving, weaving from marvellous other old cultures and drawers and drawers full of the tiniest little spindles - the whorls were less than a quarter in diameter. I asked if I could take photos and was given a yes......and so I took these two of spindles - the next drawer was....
The most beautiful lacework and .... this is the only photo I have of any of the textiles for.....the flash went off again, I was so excited I hadn't the presence of mind to turn it off, there were a few angry faces turned my way, telling me off since these textiles are old and are impacted by people's thoughtless use of flashes nearby them. So I did put the camera away and just enjoyed the rest of the many pieces in the collection. This lace was finer than sewing thread and I imagine the yarn was spun on spindles like the ones above, patience and determination rules!

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