Saturday, September 22, 2012

The flying high above and yet so near was beautiful and then we came to the landing part - which is definitely not my favorite - and we flew in and instead of closing my eyes, I kept the eye to the camera and took photos - Cuzco from high above -

 Cuzco getting closer and my grip getting tighter

Then we touched down and raced along the landing strip,

Along with booking a room at the Marani comes a pickup at the airport and was I ever pleased with that, we even got a porter to grab our bags and roll it out to the waiting vehicle - and then a most interesting drive began. It was up the hill all the way and some of these streets are the old inca cobble stone streets. More about these streets later.
Having just arrived our suitcases were brought in, and we were served a coca tea - coca tea being a staple drink here, you can get as much as you want here in the cafetin - providing energy to oxygen starved travellers.

Here I am, with my first cup (I have stopped counting now) Sitting there enjoying the amazing fact that not only am I in Peru - I am now in Cuzco at 3400 meters (or something like that) - I notice that I have to breathe a bit harder and not move too fast, am pleased that we had help with the suitcases up to the room - and as of right now, I get this ginormous headache on and off - really a small part of it since it could be much worse and ..... I have never had it as a goal to be the swiftest marathon runner so I move with grace, huffing and puffing on the steep hills and stop for a moment here or there to make sure that I am still in control of my heart.

 My bed, covered in a wonderful down duvet, thank goodness for the evenings here are not exactly warm - I thank Elly for the beautiful cardigan she knitted and finished for me in record time, it was too hot in Lima, but it sure is the right piece of clothing to wear here in Cuzco.

And the view out my window. I have the most magnificent cactus in the yard, just there, large green, with interesting shapes and folds - and the calendula plants that look like they could be perennial here.


  1. Kaereste Pia. Godt du er vel ankommet til Cuzco. Spaendende laesning og dejlige billeder her på din blog. Du ser fantastisk godt ud, afslappet og vel tilpas! Bare jeg sad ved siden af dig. Godt du tager den lidt med ro i starten, kroppen og hovedet skal lige have tid til at vaenne sig til den tynde luft i 3400 meters hoejde. Pas godt på dig selv. Kaerlige tanker og store knus fra Lone

  2. Hello Pia!!
    Fantastic photos and so wonderful to be able to follow you on your blog. Looks like it will turn into an amazing adventure of the senses! Museum looks great, hope there are even more photos...
    Take care now,