Friday, October 5, 2012

Dogs everywhere!

There are dogs everywhere here, these ones are from the streets in Calca - the dogs do have owners, but they live their dog life in the streets, uninhibited by leashes and visits to the dog groomers. They are not spayed and females are often seen heavy with milk although I have not yet seen the pups.

When there is thunder in the air there are benches for immediate security - and by the way, the dogs ignore any and all humans - and the humans ignore any and all dogs, except if the dogs are in the way - then they get shooed away, not many friendly pats to be had.

 Taking a rest together, observing pedestrians and waiting for ...... who knows what, table scraps, some other dog to enter their territory so they can have a vigorous chase - I have experienced the view and sound scape of one of these chases which made my heart pound but the perpetrator came away unscathed and when I saw him next he was moping at having had to change his plans of where to go - and he had taken up vigilant position on his part of the street, waiting for the next opportunity to check out the desired area.

And a friendly meet and greet, walking along from each their direction, how are you today, how was your day yesterday, do you have any plans - dog day-cares are not necessary here, they are quite capable of looking after themselves and their social needs.


  1. Ooohh I'd be so scared there, I'm scared of dogs :D Even if they're friendly :) They all look cute from the distance tho :D

  2. In other cases I would agree with you, I am a hesitant dog person too, however, they all seem to have been put thoroughly in their place by the surrounding humans, and no human, absolutely no human no matter the size or age seem to hesitate, if a dog needs to be shooed it get shooed, more or less gently and so everyone knows there place and distance is kept which is appropriate for the situation, it is very interesting to experience - espeically in the light of the dogs down the road from me at home, who still charge towards me and my dog when we walk, even if they are kept at a distance by an invisible electric fence. What I see is that .... if we are good dog owners and train our dogs well and appropriately there would be no need to be nervous around those four legged creatures =-)