Thursday, October 18, 2012

Earth pigments

There is a richness of minerals of all kinds in the mountains here, some of which give the soil the most wonderful brilliant earthy colours. All of Apulaya has been painted with earth pigments and the feeling of beauty and calm which these lend to the place are magnificent.

I am using some of the above orangy pigments in a piece I am working on right now during art classes - the texture is magnificent and I am looking forward to seeing the finished results.

The above photo is from the salt mine we went to the other week - the photo is perhaps not as clear when it comes to the colours as one could desire, but if taking a closer look there are reds and blue green soils on the mountain and some yellow spots too, all places with potential to pick up pigment, take it home to grind and sift it, mix the powder with water and a bit of acrylic binder and voila!

You can paint the most magnificent things. Several layers are applied, paint, dry, apply again - and slowly slowly something rather pungent and delicious shows up on the paper.

Teaser detail from a bigger painting inspired by Peruvian Huari art - it is meant to be a painting but it does not hinder me in having tapestry weaving dreams about it all ready.

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