Saturday, October 6, 2012

Food experiences with photos!

There are avocado trees in the garden, I look up at Avocadoes, not apples or pears when I leave my room in the morning.
An evening meal, innocent looking vegetable soup suddenly made extra exciting by an unknown factor, which has brightened my life several times since this event! Oh, and the yellow gob is not an egg yolk, it is salsa\!

A great surprise element, especially when one thinks that ....molido means soft, sweet etc - well it does not - it means ground - and somewhere in there are also the words for ... HOT salsa!  

Sweet Breakfast, fried potatoes with garlic, pineapple juice and toasted buns with Jam, yes please =-)

Market day, strengthening drink with carrot, orange, pineapple and other interesting additions, good for preparation to or finishing up a market day.

Part of the loot - carrots, ginger and this interesting fruit which tastes a bit like a melon of some kind but has no pits or seeds, it is deliciously juicy and sweet and I recommend use of a bib or at least a large napkin when enjoying it 

And egg delivery - from a free range egg farmer near by who brings eggs to the owners of the hostal anyways. I got 12 eggs, the two other guests got I think 24 - and it sure was interesting to receive eggs like this, although it does make sense, they are selfcontained entities, so long as we don't insist on throwing them into bags that are then bumped around in the back of a hot car. Pro vecho and bon apetit!

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