Friday, October 5, 2012

I am weaving!

This is my third ribbon on a backstrap loom - I have to say I do not find it very easy - and for me, being used to all the thinking and planning happening on paper with a pen and little x's galore this is a challenge - looking at a pattern on a different ribbon and then.....just starting to weave. It does feel like tbe 'pattern' is slowly dawning on me, but, it takes a goodly amount of concentration.

 This is Apolonia, my very patient, very, very patient weaving teacher. Between my frowns and her repeating the same words over and over again there is a lot of smiling and laughing, so all is good - by the way in Quechua the following is important: Hoq means 1, iskay means 2, tawa means 4 (we have skipped three for this ribbon for it is not applicable) puka is red and yaraq is white (I did not bring my note book to Cusco and am not 100% sure if I am mixing it up with another word)

The red and white ribbon on the right was the first one I did - I have the privilege of working with Apolonia's handspun and handdyed wool. This was really straight forward and fast to weave - it was done on the first day ..... then came the second one, with little spiders (the purple shape) - ah, this was a completely other story, between changing the shed with the string heddles and realizing where the incidental pick with no pattern pick up should go in .... well, it took me three lessons. And I am sure that I will only keep the knowledge if I keep weaving this pattern! My motto: Stay focused!

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