Thursday, October 18, 2012

Morning walk to Apulaya

Each morning Monday to Friday ten minutes before nine I set out with my backpack - heading for Apulaya and the learning experiences of the day - before I even get there there are things to observe. The state of the river I have to cross - remembering Valerio's words, never to cross in silence but speak, sing or whistle so you do not surprise and scare the river. Sometimes there are people doing their laundry on the rocks, sometimes laughing boys chasing each other. And if the young bulls have not been put out on the pasture yet they are in the back yard chewing up dried corn stalks.

The bulls on the rooftop with the jug for water at their side, the cross behind them, all bringing fertility, health and wealth to the house.

These cacti, agave, I am not sure - they grow every where, some places they are cut down, sometimes used for making rope, their fibre very strong and coarse.

and the friendly but stern presence of Pitusiraya, who sits there bright gloomy, brilliant and that one time a few weeks ago on fire. The head Apu of this area.

There are walls surrounding most houses, this is one of them, perhaps painted with earth pigments. It is a beauty to behold.

And once I have entered the big red iron gate at Apulaya this is the sight that greets me, pots still empty but waiting to be filled with beautiful colours - I think when I go back on Monday they might be, I heard a rumour that plans were under way, the ever present hens and roosters with their funky behaviour and lovely soundscape.

And last but not least these two little dogs, always ready for a back scratch and a quiet moment - Chava the little black lady always ready to play with the six year old daughter of the house, being right on her heels when she comes back from school around noon. I feel ever so fortunate that I get to expand my brain and heart in this environment.

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