Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pisaq 2

Endings and beginnings - this is at the onset of the hike - the view provided us with fields and terraces, transition points and interesting 'holes' and cavities in the mountain side opposite where we were standing. And it was not swifts or other birds who had dug holes in the side of the mountains. This was a burial site - 1500 Inca tombs have been found and dug out here.

Some had finer entrances than others but the overall view of things what was important was that the ancestors were honored and it was important to have them close to home, both to be able to go and check on them and also just for the daily pleasure of looking over and seeing where they were.

Along the paths though there was also lots of life to be found. Life waiting for the rainy season to begin and life which already has felt that the change over from dry to wet season is nearing. Below something dried up but till holding on, I wonder how green it will be in a little while.

And this photo is sort of my kind of 'find Waldo' - there is a shepherdess and her flock and her spindle in this frame - I don't even know how she got to that spot, never mind the sheep!

Smooth, carefully carved Inca rocks with lichens and other hanger on'ers

Burst of colour, no leaves yet, but I am sure they must be on their way, in all the gray and muted colours of the mountain suddenly - sunbursts!

The cacti are not far behind. They grow everywhere and are always worth a good close look.

For even they are inhabited by creatures - and wemare not only talking cochenille - here is someone getting ready to enjoy his/her lunch.

And the final beauty on the way down - well, there were plenty more but this is the final one for now - I stood on a lower terrace and looked up at this little hopeful cactus flower, it is about 2.5cm tall, belonging to a small little round cactus - in the great scheme of things really, really small but ... Did it ever shine :-)

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