Friday, October 5, 2012

saturday weaving project

My frustration was rising, I had been struggling with the pattern that was green and purple, my choice and the pattern was called the spider - the spider is an important creature in Andean spirituality it is said it taught the runakuna (the people) to both weave and talk - I had not thought to ask to take the weaving home with me and so on Saturday morning I picked up my spindle messed around in my suitcase for a bit and found the small zipperbag I had stuffed full of fleece from my (almost empty) studio - hahahaha!
 I spun every free moment, when I wasn't out exploring Calca photographing dogs, that is what I was doing, spinning - and I was trying hard to spin hard - normally I aim for a fairly soft yarn that will easily fold itself around a person's neck or shoulders as a scarf or shawl. But doing these belts is a whole other story. It is a warp faced weave which needs tight yarn to keep its shape and pattern once woven and finished. I finished up a goodly amount of yarn and after was time to play upside-down chairs on the kitchen table.
Fortunately there were none of the other guests at the hostel who needed the kitchen that evening so I had all the time in the world to finish my project, it drove me on and I worked hard until close to midnight. With a chair at each end of the kitchen table the legs were used for making a perfect cross and a warp with just the right length.
I realized that I still needed choke ties and so..... the orange spool of sewing thread I had packed for a sewing emergency was trippled  into appropriate lengths and twisted thoroughly so the ties would also be good and firm.
This is my spider on my own handspun yarn - I figured it out and could move the weft thread along at a pretty fast clip towards the end, well, at the very end I was loosing momentum, one does get tired even if one is immensely excited about the progress of a deeply engaging project. 

This is how I dealt with not really having anywhere firm enough to tie my warp to - I opened up my closet door, attached the warp to two opposing hangers so I wouldn't be able to just pull the warp off or down and ... I found the headlamp and put it on for the electrical lights were not sharp enough to reach my weaving where I was sitting on my chair hooked up to the hangers in the closet. It worked so I was pleased. Now I just have to finish the belt =-)

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