Thursday, November 22, 2012

Field preparation #1

Next to the studio at Apulaya on the other side of the garden wall there is a field which is in use all year round. By the time I arrived the farmer had just harvested one crop of broccoli - and so ... It was time to prepare the field anew for the next crop - and this is how it is done:

You bring in two oxen and then walk up and down the field in the sun for most of the day, swoosh you whip across the backs of the oxen and encourage them to keep moving.

And you just keep the oxen and yourself going and going, one great help just might be the little radio in your back pocket which loudly sends out music and messages from the local radio station, both in Quechua and in Spanish.

The field by the way is all fenced in and two big dogs live there - keeping an eye on things.

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