Thursday, November 22, 2012

Field preparation #2

When the field has been ploughed it needs some irrigation - I have heard people talk about how this is a funny spring, a very dry spring - possibly El NiƱo effect - and irrigation here happens with lots of water coming down from the mountain streams and well kept and thorough irrigation channels which are everywhere -

This is one such water channel running right outside this neighbour's wall, in under it and this is how the water is distributed inside:

By man or as in this case woman power. All day this woman was walking up and down using her pick ax, that is, it is wide at one side of the blade and pointy to remove rocks etc at the other end.

Up and down the field she went, until the whole piece had been properly watered.

Here is the water rushing in from the channel outside and this is how it is done, right here. One minute little broccoli plants were planted and... The following week we closed the windows at the studio when a not so delicious smell told us that....there was someone spraying the little plants - with a hand held pump, walking up and down the rows.

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