Thursday, November 22, 2012

Field preparation #3

Meanwhile in the other field which is along the path which I walk every morning to get to Apulaya another field was growing fast and furiously, large and gigantic broccoli and cauliflower heads were developing (with the help of a lot of urea I have heard)

Everything is being harvested by hand, as it is in the fields around my house at home in Nova Scotia - however I have only every seen piles of carrots, large piles of carrots by the vegetable processing factory across the road, I have never seen heads of broccoli and cauliflower piled as artfully as here -

I am not sure if the truck comes up to this collection point of if each bundle is carried down to the bridge a few minutes away and then picked up from there.

Here is the field being harvested - the mountain in the back ground is Pitusiraya, an imposing and beautiful presence.

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