Thursday, November 29, 2012

Return from Machu Pichu

Staying in Aquas Calientes overnight after having visited Machu Picchu and before heading back to Calca was just fine - especially because I had a junior suite at the hotel I stayed at, with fridge and tea and a jacuzzi which I did enjoy quite tremendously. And no, the below photo is not said jacuzzi - but the Urubamba river as it wound its way along the train track on the way back to Ollantaytambo.
As densely as the train had been stuffed with visitors for Machu Picchu the morning before when I went up to MP as spacious and open was my seat situation on the morning of my return. I had been put in an isle seat, going backwards but..... as we rolled out of the station there was no one occupying the other three seats around my little table and so... I moved to my preferred seat, allowing me a view into the driving direction and as much space on the table and the seat next to me as I pleased for my ever spreading belongings.
I was in 'executive class' this time and it was most enjoyable, even got snacks with my tea this time which I happily crunched and chewed as we rolled along.

I am pleased that.... I was not one of these hikers. Some people do five or seven day hikes up to Machu Picchu from Ollantaytambo - good for them..... I spotted this group - that is, a little before the photo was taken I saw loaded pack horses and then.... these people - large back packs, which they do have local carriers to manage. There are rules now about how much an accompanying local strong person is allowed to carry. Once upon a time there was only legs to be seen, legs that moved great big bulgy pieces of camping equipment. Let it be known though, that I would still not be able to carry the down sized version of what is allowed. The Andean people are just amazingly strong, dedicated and resilient.
And even earlier on in the trip than the previous two photos was this one above of a bridge, pretty precarious crossing in my eyes, if this was the way they were planning to go. I was still feeling grateful for my window seat.

Towards the end of the 90 mins trip we did a stop at a small local station for a few minutes. These two little guys were sitting on a knoll, together and apart at the same time. I couldn't hear the dog, and really I couldn't hear the boy either, but his mouth was moving and it looked like he was singing a song to himself. This is a sneak photo taken with the closeup lens through the window of the opposite side of the isle in the train. I have been looking at his bicycle wheel toy and wondering .... how does he use it.

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