Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bands and views from Juana's in Huaran

When the sun got too high in the sky arrangements were made for me to sit in a shaded place just so my 'pretty face' wouldn't 'come to harm' again. I was moved just inside the kitchen door - a stick was hammered into the ground just outside the kitchen door with the most magnificently large and impressive axe and then..... I was placed on a low stool with blankets and sheepskins on top for comfortable softness. Then it was time to get 'hooked up', one end of the warp to the stick/peg outside the kitchen door and the other end to the woven belt I had tied around my waist sitting on the comfortable stool just inside the threshold in the kitchen.

This was my view - and as the rain came later we both jumped up, Juana and I, and took the laundry down.This is where Juana cooked us lunch and boiled water for tea - the kittens were just starting to move out of their box and surprisingly so, though perhaps it shouldn't be, they never ended up in the fire, they knew how close to get. They were in constant motion looking for food, playing a bit and looking for food again. Their mom would come in also looking for food and then she settled down in the box for a nursing session. I couldn't resist but had to give the little ones not yet in the box a hand - I 'flew' them in, so they could partake too.

And the bands I wove with Juana, the wide one that was my first choice to the very right. Closest to the side of the photo is the back of this wide band, then the front - then comes the yellow/red band which worked up reasonably fine and fast without too many hickups to weave, the side with the narrow zigzag being the front of the band, the back has long floats and a wider yellow zigzag. Finally the orange and black band - the front is the diamonds and the back is the longer rather hickuppy floats. Looking at all three bands ..... I cannot believe how lucky I feel to actually have sat there in the kitchen at Juana's - working, learning and weaving up these bands. Soon I will have to redo them here at home, that is.... make new warps and sit down focused on these particular patterns trying to do them with no mistakes this time!

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