Monday, December 10, 2012

Extra wash

 Weeks later when the skin on my hands and my face had ceased being bumpy, red and irritated I got the now dried yarn out and started to wind it into balls. The aim was to do what the Andean weavers do, which is make sure that there was a tight enough twist in the yarn for it to easily weave up into bands and show sharply the beautiful patterns they put in their woven bands and large woven pieces. The next day I discovered that perhaps my allergy was not only to the sun, for the skin on my hands were again beginning to show signs of irritation and I must have touched my face whilst winding balls for my chin and cheeks were showing a slight red irritation as well as giving me an urge to rub and scratch. So I went to the market, bought a pair of rubber gloves, borrowed a baby tub from my landlord and washed and rinsed all of my skeins of yarn with laundry soap and copious amounts of cold water.
 This of course put a slight stop to my eagerness to make a warp of my own and weaving with my own handdyed and then tighter spun yarn from Chinchero. The consolation was that... the view out of the window in the laundry room lead my eyes straight to a most beautiful and large cactus and you know..... then it is hard to be cranky, everything was beautiful and right around me and so....... it was my job to focus on making sure that my yarn was free of whatever it was that along with too much sun added to the my skin irritations.

And here they are, once again on the line, the skeins sporting a rainbow of chilca, cochineal, old man's beard, a dried yellow flower and a mix of same + left over cochineal - made my eyes smile and laugh at the same time.

Wonder what the passing hummingbirds thought of this display - did they come over for a closer look - in case that cochineal should be a giant juicy reddish flower - or .... did they pass the intruding brilliant rainbow by to head to their ever present favorite bushes showing off their spring flowers?

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