Tuesday, December 4, 2012


One of the many stops on this particular day was a salt 'mine' - on the long drive to get there I was wondering how they would get the salt out - imagining an underground mine of some sort and yet, when we got there it was all 'above table' so to speak - little ponds everywhere and once again, one of the ingenious channel systems you can find everywhere here in Peru.

Only here it was quite hot water, meandering in a controlled fashion from pool to pool, leaving salt crystals along the sides of the little stream. The temptation to taste the water was great and irresistible however I am very glad that I did not just bend down and stick my face into the stream. The water was quite warm and one tip of a finger went in ......when I carefully tasted the wetness on my finger I was mightily surprised for it was very, very salty.

 I am not sure what I had expected but ....it was more than whatever measurement I had visualized. We walked along the salt pools for a little bit, marveled at the great number of pools and I was wondering how the feet of these workers feel come end of the working day - all that salt on the skin and the wetness all day long seems to me might make for some pretty sore and cracked feet. But who knows maybe ....they have a discount for foot balm.

What caught my attention last were the beautiful reflections in the salt pools, now I have to think about how to work those into a tapestry - plans for the future, wonderful challenge and thought.

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