Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Onwards and upwards - the motto of the day. As we had entered the gate at the ruins in Ollantaytambo we were stopped by a woman with a big camera, she had just been up and about some parts of the ruin, but since she was traveling alone she asked if one of us would be kind enough to take a photo of her with this beautiful back drop. Emerita took care of this and then.... the woman used my camera and took a series of E&P photos so we would have something to show for our trip to the same place.

 As always Emerita had many exciting stories and theories about the constructions and the bumps and interesting surfaces of said constructions. This seem to be some sort of a sundial - we do of course not know what exact time this sundial was meant to capture, but ... for that moment in time, it actually was very close to lunch time and so ... the knobs showed us a straight up and down shadow. I have no doubt that at different times of the year if knowledgeable about the different corresponding knobs one would be able to precisely pinpoint this or that particular moment in time.

Here is proof that these little building blocks were not just carved on the spot they were found. Take note of all the smaller, flatter rocks used as a wedge to aid this carved boulder into position. It looks as if it never got to its final destination, it might have just been about another foot or two ahead, but this is where it came to a halt and has stayed for a goodly amount of time now.
 Just to make sure that everyone's perspective stays close to accurate. these are not minute boulders, these are large, gigantic several tons each, boulders - and once again I have to marvel at how they did it. The boulders I have sat down in front of are separated by narrow strips of carved granite, which all fits into the slits between each mega boulder. Wonder what it would feel like to have just two minutes of looking back in time to see how it all happened. Would we all  be horrified or would we slap a hand to our heads and say 'ah, of course, why didn't we think of that' or...... was it with the aid of the aliens?

The buildings and the views from everywhere we turned gave ample opportunity to stop and marvel, or stop and meditate, at way off in the distance sights or ....

 right there in front of our very eyes, something small yellow, the size of a thumb nail - a very yellow/green little lichen clinging to an ages old rock - someone had been around here making some sort of an offering. There were withered flowers left on a flat part of this rock - and signs of something having been burned.

Back down from one of those high points we went to look at the Water Temple - water is a connector between the upper and the lower world - looking out through the 'window opening' were more layers of mountains and some points which are points to take note of at solstice time, summer or winter - I am not sure, but along side the mountain walls opposite these points were several carved niches and points witnessing the fact that something special would have gone on here or there at specific times of the year, when the points and the sun coming up or going down connected and allowed the humans to know which day and what time of year it was.

Textures and colours, my favorite thing, so many purple rocks, not to mention the yellow ones and ... the reddish brown ones, these carved relatively smooth - sigh - it was a pleasure to stroke and slide a hand over these surfaces.
 More parts to this area still to be uncovered. There is so much to be found still under the surface of sand and rocks - when the Incas realized what was happening when the European intruders came along they started to cover up their treasures, their mummies and the evidence of their richness and magnificent culture. Hoping this was a way to preserve some of it - not for the future but for their dead ancestors to be left in peace the way they had always been left in respectful peace before - unless they were taken out to view their lands and grounds - they were no longer living, but they still had ownership and knowledge to share.

From high up into the layers and layers of beauty, down there in the bottom of this winding valley runs the road upon which the taxi brought us to Ollantaytambo. Sitting here in Nova Scotia,  between my two local mountains, the North and the South mountain, well, I have lots of blue/grey/cold horizon but no layer upon layer. This Peruvian view was so fascinating to me, fading away into the distance.

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