Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shepherd - at a very young age.

We are on a two day excursion, it takes us higher up into the Andes, still fairly close to where I live in Calca, but never the less up higher and it to more remote terrain. The mountains and the view around us is breathtakingly beautiful.
Enormous mountains with their peaks covered in duvets of clouds, some with snow caps at the very back,  and in the middle of all this nature little dots, first to be recognized as fourlegged creatures, sheep, donkeys and a few alpaca and then....Something small and two legged - on one side of the road far in were two boys together herding their flock. The moment we stopped the car to take a better look and perhaps a photo they were coming towards us at full speed. I was unsure how to react and after a question to Emerita decided to hand them a coin - I did after all take a photo of them as they were springing towards us.

On the other side of the dirt road was this little girl, she was shy, keeping her back to us most of the time, but when I rolled down the window and waved at her to come closer and when our driver also encouraged her to come closer she did, and I gave her a coin as well after which she placed herself ... how can I say it, she just stood there and looked at us patiently waiting for me to finish taking my photos. Her universe so enormously large and to me incomprehensible - there was so much which was 'foreign' to me and yet, she was so at home, wandering alone, with no adult supervision at her tender age and with the responsibility for her family's flock of sheep - their well being during the day and their safe return home when darkness fell.

A universe full of texture of beauty which quieted my brain and stilled my imagination. At that moment in time it was my 'job' to observe and be a sponge.   I did the best I could.

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