Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Three weaving days in Huaran instead of Canchacancha!

Photo by Emerita
As it happened having to leave the village up high in the sky did not mean that I lost out on any weaving lessons. The Peruvian people is a very very flexible people. The people at Apulaya are very very flexible people too - and so since I was relying wholly on their guidance and knowledge during my stay here ..... it was totally wonderful for me to realize that within 24 hours of returning to my room at the hostel in Calca all was organized - I was going to Huaran to weave with Juana the three first days of the following week - first though I did get to enjoy another day at school at Apulaya, then two weekend days of .... walking in town, reading, weaving, spinning at home and hanging out in the garden with some of the other visitors at the hostel.

Photo by Emerita

Monday morning early Emerita knocked on the gate and I came out with sunhat, sun screen, small backpack and much joyous anticipation as to how my weaving would go today. I had vivid memories of the beautiful wide band which I had started up in Cancha Cancha - mostly because I had taken it home and had looked at it long and hard trying to decipher what I needed to do next - hm - I would not say I had been extraordinarily successful.
So it was quite a relief to say hello to Juana and realize that she had started another band for me. This one more narrow and with a pattern more easily manageable for learning the technique her hands work so deligently.
A light and happy feeling spurred me on and on, especially when I realized that.... this was a pattern which I could wrap my head around without too much headache.

Photo by Emerita

These photos were all taken within the first hour of getting acquainted with this particular pattern. There were wrinkled brows, thoughtful glances and maneuvering of the the warp threads and ... after a while some laughter, quiet and then louder - laughter of wonder and laughter of aggravation when part of the pattern has to be taken out again.

If I am not mistaken too much I believe that I managed to finish this band on this day and I was very happy with myself and my magnificent abilities - or perhaps I finished it early on the next morning - it left me with a good singing feeling inside.

The next band ..... was another story..... not really a difficult pattern but ..... I was having a lot of trouble balancing the pattern correctly - and again, I remind myself and everyone else, my active language Spanish/Quechua was ... pretty small and my teachers' Danish/English capabilities are even smaller - so ..... learning here is about eye/brain coordination - it is intense, tiring and absolutely wonderful and fulfilling when the light-bulb suddenly goes on and a positive power-surge carries one over the hump of tiredness and confusion into light and beauty.

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