Sunday, February 26, 2012

Strawberry king/queen!

Not many words will be needed for this sequence of photos. Once again, it is not that I long for summer but..... these are proof of a very fun 20 or 30 mins with one strawberry and one innocent little snail going for an adventure on the surface of this delicious piece of fruit.
I watched body parts appear and disappear as the situation warranted it - the camera was after all very close up at times.

It was a small snail, perhaps the size of my little finger nail and it was a snail on a mission - a snail with a wish to explore.

In the end, I cut the strawberry in two, one part for the snail, I put it by the foot of the Rugosa Rosa outside the entry way and the other part, well, the other part Freia ate with pleasure. She had been following this hole long photo shoot with worried eyes, did I really need to speak to that snail for so long?