Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Community Project at a local school for the Wolfville Farmers' Market, chapter #3

And so with blood sweat and tears we reached the end of the six designated exploratory Wednesdays at the middle school. There were poked fingers, and we did use some of all the 100 bandages I had purchased in preparation of unfocused felting needles or unfocused kids. It was not bad though, actually, I think we have used less than 10% of the box and so the kids should be congratulated on good focus and great work. 

In a few hours I will head towards the school for the last time - well, I may go there again at some other point, for the last time in this session. I have spent the week finishing up the first group's pieces - that is stretching the felted rectangular bat for the face of the sound baffler and the triangular end pieces onto the pine frames built by John Lynch, a great carpenter and woodsman (well, I know it means something else too) - a woodsman in that he knows how to treat each piece of wood which he works with so it shows its best surface and smoothness to the world. 

 I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up the nylon ribbon I needed to secure the felt so it won't slip and rip at a local fabric and sewing machine shop in New Minas, Knit-N-Stitch, Diane and Wayne were all excited when I brought in a piece of the children's work to talk to them about the best kind of ribbon to use for this project. We decided on a spool, and ..... voila..... 42meters were rolled off and now I am through about half of it, having framed up 3 of 6 bafflers already. Tomorrow the last three will be done,

 - but first of course the kids will have to put the final touches to their work.

Oh, I also did get a box of 1250  1/2" staples and they are about half gone too. These baffle pieces won't be shook apart no matter how loud the music.

And one of my trusted helpers, Alexandre (he has had a lot of fun during this exploratory) from Quebec - he is part of the Katimavik group working in Wolfville at the Farmers' Market and at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts  - it is with sadness that I heard that this out reach and educational programme has been scrapped by the present government here in Canada - we can never get too much out reach - especially in a country which covers such a vast area - most of us are not able to freely travel and experience the full beauty of this country. More attention needs to be given to this kind of community building.

And finally a pile of four finished triangular sidepanels and two large rectangular front pieces. All is packed and in the car, ready to go for this afternoon's session. I know that I will have two other trusted  helpers coming this afternoon, one more Katimavik volunteer, Alexandra,  and the new programme coordinator for Ross Creek Centre for the Arts, Lindsay - and I have to say, I don't remember her last name, but Lindsay she is =-)
It is time to go and get myself ready for this final day - there is a surprise in store for everyone, I know what it is, but the kids don't and I am crossing my fingers that they will enjoy it - it is not icecream!