Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cedar Waxwings!

 Such a beautiful bird, the Cedar Waxwing and fairly elusive too, except around berries in the winter when flocks of Cedar Waxwings move across the land.
 Early, early the other morning pooch and I strode down the road before hitting the looms - this couple of 'love birds' were on the wires above and I caught them together and then.... only one as the other one fell out of the photo.

This evening before dark whilst on the phone with a friend I see movement on the elm trunk to the north of the house. Right outside the window someone is ..... building a nest!

I do not often wash my windows, but tomorrow I will make an effort to get a few done for I would love to take more clear photos of the happenings in this little waxwing family. 

I will have to keep an eye out, I think Mr and Mrs have found a piece of string from a feed bag and that is what they are trying to work into their nest - weave into their nest!

And here they are the both of them, contemplating the softness, the warmth or perhaps the colour of the string for their interior decoration.

I do not see them on the nest now that it is dark, but I hope to look out tomorrow to discover that they are  back into building mode and that they will put the finishing touches on their new flat so they can settle in, lay eggs and bring forth piles galore of tufted, smooth-looking waxwing babies!