Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Market photos

Market in Calca, Sunday Market - extra vendors, lots of people and dogs
Below: The quail egg lady in action - she boils eggs right there and
peels them so you can enjoy a quick snack.
We took home 6 eggs in the usual plastic bag - raw eggs - so we could have sunny side up fried eggs for supper. The yolks were the size of my thumbnail
And then there were the cheese tables. 
These here are unpasteurized local cheeses- artfully pressed and decorated.
Yolanda, the wonderful cheese lady who always had time for a chat and a smile in her eyes. I got my pasteurized (in the yellow wrap) local cheese from her, and some other treats for different occasions. We have an agreement that when I come down next time I will bring my husband (he agrees too)
A fruit and vegetable booth and ..... this is where I got some of the small cocoa bars which I brought home for Christmas gifts. For the price of five little bars a sixth was always slipped into the bag - I didn't think about this until I got back to my room and looked over my loot =-)
Picking up food, vegetables, fruits or treats at this market was always fun and lovely, and .... as ever when one goes to a market, be prepared for the urge to do impulse shopping, that is .... the nature of market going - one never knows when leaving home what might be available on this particular day.

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