Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Friendy Raven

I have not worked here on my blog for a very long time...... there is no real explanation, I got caught up in a (time) warp of some kind.....however, as I pondered what I did last on the blog I found this..... enjoy, and happy New Year 2014 to one and all!

We live in a rural yet quite populated area, new houses are shooting up everywhere.  Putting pressure on wild life of all kinds - and also putting them closer to us for a little further observation. As a kid in another country seeing a raven was a rare and special thing - also probably because I grew up in Copenhagen,  a big city perhaps not as desirable a territory for ravens.

Raven enjoying a smoked eel head!

Here in the boonies on the funny farm one of the nicest signs/sounds of spring are the ravens starting to cluck and do their spring songs - we do of course see them during the winter months too but not as often. The top of the barn has an excellent spot with a view to the compost bins and so sometimes allows me to enjoy the experience of one of the ravens, as he /she waits for me to fill the compost bin with delicacies.

Recently I found smoked eel at the Wolfville Farmers' Market, the fish man (Eric Publicover and his wife Sandra) along side with some smoked salmon and lots of fresh haddock, rainbow trouth and other such delicacies on that day also had brought ... a few packages of smoked eel from this Nova Scotian Company, Willy Krauch.
And so for a few days Søren and I enjoyed a special treat which was part of our child hoods but is now rarely ingested. 

The raven seemed very happy with the scraps and leftovers from our treat and spent some good times in the compost balancing and snacking before ..... I got too close with the camera and ....

 It was necessary to spread the wings and take off. My job is to work on getting faster with the camera - the only way to ensure that I do not end up with eerie half photos of flying raven's wings.