Monday, February 3, 2014

Winter visitor

When cooler weather prevails creatures hide in the wood stack and get carried inside the house by the wood stove fodder we bring by the armloads or they come in on the dog when she has been out rolling and frolicking - sometime before Christmas this little dude met me in the middle of the kitchen floor and we had our first conversation, which..... caused the bear to curl up on itself and pretend to not be present.

I could not feed my new friend to the chickens and I didn't want to just dump it, after all, it was almost Christmas and so I found a little plastic container to slip the lovely one into. I added some lettuce and some cabbage, some of it slightly damp.

I have to admit that I did not yet notice signs that there was a lot of eating going on and this morning I looked at my guest and thought for sure that it was the end of the line for this little guy. However, I was wrong. As soon as I brought the container into a slightly warmer part of the house movement was seen. Slow movement and enough movement that I thought I had better dry the little one off, I think in my un-wisdom a few days earlier I had plopped a few wet lettuce leaves into the bowl and ..... now my friend was wearing a rather wet furcoat, at least on one side.

So the creature was moved around gently on the toilet paper and in just a few mins there were wet spots where the dampness had been sucked out of the furcoat. I felt quite relieved. Since movement was not at any time going along with that rapid eagerness these littly wooly bears show on the hot asphalt in the summer I also had some fun foto opportunities - those little legs, such stout limbs for fast forward when the weather is warm and the world is easy to explore.
One final photo - looking at it and hearing my yoga teacher's voice, now engage your belly muscles and lift your head and your shoulders of the floor, keep your legs straight,  do you feel it, if you need to hold your head up gently with one of your hands..... ha, I had had the most wonderful yoga lesson just 30 mins before all these events of resurrection and joy took place!