Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter Visitors

It is Winter still and in an old house there are lots of nooks and crannies for small beings to hide out. These past few weeks I have never been all alone when cooking at any time, day or night.
I figured if I wanted to keep the company happy I had better put something nutritious on the table - the stub of a cauliflower was my choice and I even added a drop of honey and a drop of water
And there they sat..... content (I think) or confused......they would fly off and come back later
Sharing a meal or a snack is also not out of the way for a ladybug, these two quite enjoyed a piece of orange pepper

And then there is the clean up mode... did you know that a Ladybug washes her face just like a fly, a squirrel or a little mouse, one foot flies up over the face and touches the whole surface, this was one busy cleaning creature for a while. 
And finally..... another yoga position, one hind leg sliding out under the other.... is this perhaps some version of pigeon?  I do love creatures, big and small and it is wondrous to get to take the time to observe.