Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Storm!

Hurricane Arthur or his tail end or front end, what do I know........the part of him which does not at this point seem to be as vicious as we were warned he would he would whipping around the poplars.......the poplars we planted twenty years ago when we moved into the house.
They were but thumb thick knee high babies when they were placed in their growing spots. Now they are taller than our two story house, they are so tall that where I sit about two meters in from the kitchen window they fill the whole window frame up.......a lovely multi green waving entity at the moment.

In front of the poplars are a few darker maples, not exactly as tall but never the less also waving vigorously.
And last but not least are the spruce trees doing more of a body undulation on the front row with their little prickly leaves so short and tightly set that they almost dance to a different drum.
One spruce by the way is very short......a month ago the horse was pasturing out by the trees, coming and going with his buddies the sheep.......and it was fly season.......horses have tender bellies and inner thighs I was admiring all the trees, talking to a friend on the phone Buffy started rubbing up against the spruce trees.......and then he backed in over on spruce. It was considerably taller than him however in one smooth movement he maneuvered his butt into position, until the tree top stuck out under his tail!
Moving back and forth with slow determination his whole underside was now getting a most delicious rub, soft pale green new growth on the tips mixed with the mature rougher texture of the older parts of the branches.......ridding him of the winged pests which so eagerly find and chew his vulnerable spots.......from where I stood I could see the glee in his eyes........and then it was too much, the tree snapped and now it stands proudly tall only with its first two layers of branches, circular like a ballerina's skirt, the sister tree is oddly has not been broken but it definitely has been given a good shove.

The wind comes and goes now, pretending to be done, but really it is only about another big breath being pulled in and then......yet another pile of powerful gusts whip around the house, making the trees dance still wilder.

And this is sort of a post script. The wind is back, the lawn is strewn with freshly ripped green leaves. One of our trees was down on the power line and I have to say I am infinitely happy to be back from the Wolfville Farmers' Market in one piece. There are many trees down, lots of outages.......haven't heard about casualties (yet) and I hope I won' step at a time, thankful to be safe!