Sunday, October 19, 2014

A woven week

It is sunday and the sun is shining. It was cloudy and iffy looking at 8:30 this morning but now it seems like all has changed again. The air is warm and if you are in the sun it is time to put on a hat.
I have been getting acquainted with both an old and a new icon this week during weaving class with Apolonia at Apulaya.

 This red and purple one on one of the teacher/students warps was fun with the colurs, and a challenge until I had thought long enough about it. This moment in time I think I would have to go back to my graph paper to just check up and see that I really had a hold on the right end of the 'thread'
This one was a challenge for I had chosen to make a warp with four colours + the dark burgundy on the edges. Being mindful of your pickups and dots and keeping it all together is more challenging when one chooses to play with colour as well as pick up a new or long forgotten pattern.

What is important for me in this process is to stay focused. To not allow thoughts to go anywhere else but on the warp and the fibre in front of me.

There is for instance a flock of loros (little loud green parrots that will not fly still for a photo) that live close by. The neighbour has a most delicious tree with some orange flowers or fruits which appear most tasty to the little green free spirits. These loros (unknowingly) distracted me the first few days of the week.
 I thought that I would be fast enough to untie myself from the weaving, jump up, grab the camera, turn it on and get the big glass door in the studio opened before their flock had levitated from the delicious tree and made it both to, past and way past our weaving spot. Sadly this was a misconception.  I have now come to the realization that.....these loros are not flying past for my photo pleasure. They are there for their own joy of life, flying, talking and finding food. I get to joyfully observe their flight patterns as they cross overhead and also listen to their calls of encouragement and perhaps gentle banter.
This slim-waisted wasp I did get to observe closely though with and without the camera, for he/she was busy figuring out how to get past the window and I just had to get up (my camera right beside me from the loro attempt) and click the button.
It is time to head for the market. Out into the world and Calca we go to see what we can see!